The Ultimate PPF Business Blueprint

Learn Everything You Need To Start in Less Than a Week!

Learn from thriving tint professionals in a fast-paced environment giving you real-world experience and tools to succeed.


Our training program is led by experienced PPF professionals who have a track record of success in the industry. We provide ongoing support and resources to help you launch and grow your PPF business, including access to our network of industry partners, customer referrals, and marketing tools.
  • Overview of the PPF industry and market landscape
  • Key players and competitors in the PPF market
  • Trends and opportunities in the PPF market
  • Overview of the essential tools and equipment for PPF installation
  • Selection of high-quality PPF materials
  • Maximizing ROI with the right tools, equipment, and materials
  • Surface preparation techniques
  • Cutting and trimming techniques
  • Heat forming techniques
  • Finishing and quality control
  • Developing your brand identity
  • Pricing strategies and tactics
  • Advertising and promotion strategies
  • Customer service and retention
  • Live demos and case studies
  • Q&A sessions with experienced PPF professionals
  • Certification exam and certificate of completion


The Clear Bra Pro Training Program is designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs and PPF enthusiasts with the knowledge, skills, and resources to start and grow a successful PPF business. Whether you’re a seasoned installer looking to expand your business or a newcomer to the industry, our comprehensive training program covers everything you need to know to become a clear bra pro.

  • At Clear Bra Fresno, we are the only training facility to offer business insight on how to gain customers right away. 
  • We are the only training facility to offer a package that includes enough film to complete your first full front end and we’ll plot it out and ship it to you.
  • We can provide pricing guidelines and best practices to grow your business to over 100k in your first year – not commonly offered through manufacture trainings 
  • Debadging, disassembly and how to effectively use plotting softwares (CORE)
  • We will provide business best practices along with Paint Protection Film templates to provide your customers to protect your business and provide clear expectations.
  • Industry secrets for Paint Protection Film that isn’t shared in traditional intro trainings. 
  • 3 day training, includes bulking training – not commonly offered in traditional trainings 
  • Insights on Day to day operations in running a multi six-figure business 
  • Insight on best marketing practices to grow your business twice as fast 
  • Financing available – Both 6 and 12 month option 


Training Packages

The most robust and all-inclusive PPF training available in the industry. 

6-12 Month 0% Interest Financing Available



Everything you need to start and succeed!



Everything you need to start and succeed!


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